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Hi everyone! My new comic Fight Frogs is almost done and ready to premier at this year’s Small Press Expo!  It’s a story about 3 frog-men brothers who live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, party hard, and FIGHT!

I’m currently running a Kickstarter to get the book funded, and would be totally stoked if you’d like to contribute to it!  Click here for more details, and to pre-order your copy today!

Despite being tied up with other projects this year, I have not turned my back on comics! My next book: “1000 Years In Hell” will be out in about a month in a half for SPX. 

Synopsis: Humanity has failed! The rapture has begun! The Prince of Darkness has appeared and his presence has summoned scores of demons and monsters. The few people that still live have been reduced to playthings for these creatures to use in their strange rituals and experiments. Now the last hope for mankind rests with a lone pacifist on a dangerous journey to the Dark Lord’s lair. It will take all of his resolve and cunning to face the horrors ahead and attempt to free a world that is fated to toil in 1000 years of darkness!

Oh crap! I got published!

I took a break today and read a few comics that have been sitting on my desk when I came across Josh Bayer’s Suspect Device #4:

I submitted some pages a few months ago, but for some reason I thought they would be in the fifth book so I was pleasantly surprised to see them in this issue.

I first came across Suspect Device at Small Press Expo 2012 at Josh Bayer’s table. Ignorant of the book’s existence, I bought the book because I found the cover image of characters from the Nancy comic strip killing each other to be humorous (I’m a sucker for parody comics). I later read the comic during a panel that I attended and was totally hooked. After the panel, I went back to Josh’s table and bought the other comics he had for sale and they were all great.

For those that don’t know, Suspect Device is an anthology where cartoonists are given a few random comic strips, then they typically choose two panels from different strips to start and finish a comic, and finally they draw a story to link them together. The result ranges from hilarious to bizarre, but I’ve always found to be entertaining.

Suspect Device served as an inspiration for me to create my own comics. It certainly is an honor to be published in a book that has also featured work from guys with ridiculous talent like Johnny Ryan, Noah Van Sciver, and Jimmy Giegerich.

Check it out, if you haven’t already.

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